Distant Beauty  (2014)

Collaboration Project Chelyabinsk Drama Theater and Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater. Director: Marina Glukhovskaya Production designer, costume designer: Yuri Napesternikov Choreographer: Olga Pona Lighting Design: Alexander Skrypnik Music design: Marina Glukhovskaya, Olga Pona Sound editor: Andrey Khudyakov Premiere: March 27. 2014 “Distant Beauty” is a subtle lyrical story about life and death, about the eternal search for the human soul. All actors in the piece are angels, with and without names, dreaming to return to life – a distant and beautiful life. Heroes go a long way before realizing that the most valuable thing is what happens to a person here and now, and while a person is alive – he is free, and, therefore, happy. Understanding of this happens at a time when the earthly path ends and, and it seems that nothing can be changed …

[VIDEO]      [www.cheldrama.ru/poster/performance/performance_95.html]

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