By Chance  (2009)

Choreography: Olga Pona.
Dance: Svetlana Levova, Elena Prysvisina, Tatiana Lumpova, Olga Sharova, Maria Greyf, Maria Gerasimova, Tatiana Menshenina, Yulia Abramova.
Costumes: Olga Pona. Paintings: Alla Libnitzkaja. Light: Vladimir Karpov.
Music: Achinoam Nini, Tom Tykwer, Need 4 Speed. (edit: Olga Pona) Video: DanceArt
Duration: 30 min.

“By Chance” was made after the Israelian / Russian painter Alla Libnitzkaja asked Olga Pona to use her paintings as part of a choreography. The work is entirely intuitive, letting the paintings say what they have to say and letting the dancers do what they have to do. The piece shows the virtuosic strength of the seven female dancers of the company as well as their sensitivity and sensuality.
By Chance is a piece for 7 female dancers. Co-production: Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster, Germany. Premiere: Theater im Pumpenhaus – 17.04.09

Photos: Sergey Madveev

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